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Cloud Mobility & Endpoint


We’ve Had The Pleasure Of Working With Industry-defining Brands. These Are Just Some Of Them.


Endpoint Security,Mobile Security & Cloud Services

Employee device network integration through virtual private networks and device data encryption technologies are increasingly included in endpoint security. Mobile security rules increasingly include instructions for mobile devices to enable safe access to clouds and Software as a Service (SaaS). Sycomp’s wide range of solutions and extensive experience allow organisations to manage all remote devices, apps, and data with ease. These solutions also provide comprehensive security, including virus prevention.

Endpoint Management

Cyber attacks have become increasingly complex and endpoint management has evolved to affect how organizations do business by improving productivity and enhancing customer experiences. Mobile security is a vital component of any security strategy and device management and policies such as BYOD (Bring Your Device) are critical. Malicious attacks are stealthy – over 70% of security breaches begin at an endpoint. With thousands of mobile devices accessing today’s enterprises.


Cloud security continues to progress. Choosing a cloud provider requires evaluating its security policies, regulatory compliance, data geolocation, and credentials. A cloud access security broker (CASB) sits between an organization and the cloud provider and enforces policy-driven decisions by monitoring user activity and utilizing encryption tools and DLP. Sycomp partners with world-class CASBs to secure cloud data and ensure apps are protected and under management’s control

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

At least four million ransomware events happen each year. Hackers encrypt data and demand payment to decrypt it. Enterprises have become more adept at rejecting conventional malware, but hackers also look at firmware weaknesses. Organizations turn to behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence to detect irregular user activity. Data loss prevention (DLP) systems enforce data security policies, discover data storage across endpoints and servers, identify true data owners, and alert to unusual activity.

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