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Cloud Migration


We’ve Had The Pleasure Of Working With Industry-defining Brands. These Are Just Some Of Them.

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Moving Infrastructure to the Cloud

As a cloud service provider, we have extensive expertise in moving infrastructure to the cloud. Our cloud migration solution easily integrates all necessary apps, networks, and storage connectivity into a cloud environment by using industry-leading Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and AWS. Buchanan’s team has skilled cloud professionals who can assist with a complete or partial migration. Our staff can help with cloud migration consultation, whether you need help with O365 conversion processes, want to move from on-premises infrastructure to an IaaS, or merely want to move critical programs to the cloud for a dependable disaster recovery plan. Our cloud migration services encompass full server and virtual migration as well as the transfer of crucial and significant apps.

Cloud Migration Phases

Our team will go over a cloud migration checklist with your internal IT professionals and decision makers while data and apps are being transferred. The following steps are included in that checklist and are meant to ensure that everything runs well, that your data is safe, and that you have the least amount of downtime possible.

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Our Architects Create A Comprehensive Inventory Including Source, Destination, And Connection During The Cloud Migration Discovery Phase. This Inventory Helps Them Determine The Optimal Migration Plan, The Needs Of The Organisation, And The Best Technologies Required To Assist The Migration.


A Thorough Migration Timetable Is Developed Throughout Development To Minimise Disruption And Downtime To Your Whole System. To Guarantee That End Users Experience The Least Amount Of Effect And That The Entire Process Runs Well, All Components Are Arranged According To Significance And Criticality.


We Locate All Network And Storage Connectivity And Verify Tool Readiness During Validation. Next, In Order To Assess Accuracy And Downtime, We Undertake Pilot Deployments.


Upon completion, you will have an end-to-end cloud migration that encompasses user approval, testing, and server validation.

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