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Cloud Assessment (AWS, Azure, GCP )


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Customize a Cloud Solution That Meets Your Needs

Excellent tools and knowledge should be the foundation of your Cloud Assessment. BYTEBLESS uses cutting-edge cloud assessment technologies and has relationships with IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon to provide a solution that best meets your needs. We can tailor a solution to match your demands, regardless of whether your company wants cloud solution services to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan or to oversee a whole cloud infrastructure migration. We have experience working with both small and big clientele.

How Does a Cloud Assessment Work?

  • Business stakeholder interviews are conducted to ensure strategic visions and top business functions are detailed.
  • A 3-tiered classification model is utilized with the data points necessary to detail which servers and applications can be migrated immediately, which need more research, and which need to stay on premise.
  • All existing inventory warranty status and mandatory spend is identified.
  • A summary of complex applications and all included components is provided.
  • Cloud recommendations are outlined.
  • An ROI analysis is created based on cloud recommendations.

What You Will Receive With a Cloud Assessment

  • Recommendations for Cloud based on experience and data points gathered by Cloud Assessment.
  • ROI Analysis of Tier 1 recommendations.
  • ROI and recommendations for cloud adoption for Tier 2 business applications.
  • Roadmap, timeline and schedule to all steps need to adopt Cloud computing.
  • Recommendations for SaaS as requirements are aligned to save, spend, and increase value.

Benefits of a Cloud Assessment

  • Mindforce provides all of the tools needed to inventory customer equipment, including server capacity.
  • Reduces overall cost.
  • Operational expense model saves on capital costs.
  • Helps align future spending by categorizing specific servers and applications while evolving the data center.
  • Integration ensures hybrid data using cloud behaves as a single location
  • Cloud recommendations are agnostic and are provided to address each individual scenario.
  • Phased approach assures safety and security of all data.
  • End user is top focus for all recommendations.

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